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The EGR valve is back in place and they RPMs remain below 3000. So now it’s time to adjust the timing and idle speed. But just how can I do this when I’m new to adjusting the timing? Luckily, my nephew let me use his timing gun. So let’s see where this takes us…. Be […]
Hello and happy Saturday. I hope everyone is enjoying the day and has plans to make the most whether it be working on your project or spending time with your loved ones. As for me what I have planned is to finish the EGR valve connections with new tubing, reassemble the air intake components, and […]
Welcome back and thank you for returning to the weekly blog. It’s hard to believe that it’s only Tuesday and yet it seems like it’s been a long week already. After replacing the TPS over the weekend and driving the truck, which had very little power, we noticed that the temperature was unusually high for […]
Good morning everyone and happy Saturday. Today should be productive for some and for others a day to relax. Yesterday I was anxious to get up and start working on the D 21. I removed the catalytic converter with hopes that it would fix the loss of power only to find that the catalytic converter […]
Yesterday evening was eventful as the boys and I worked on the 1995 Nissan D 21. With the installation of a brand new starter we excitingly rolled the truck out of the garage and proceeded to test drive. Unfortunately, there remains to be an underlying fuel issue which may be resolved by draining the tank […]
After removing the old alarm, firing up the truck and adjusting the timing it was time to replace the starter. Although optimism worked up to this point, with some tapping on the starter, I feel it would be in our best interest to remove the old starter. Not only will this give us a reference […]
Well guys and gals, it is late Sunday night and I am devising a plan to check the starter. I’m also up waiting for the truck owner to come home from the movies. Not to mention the fact that I asked my oldest to bring in his new struts and place them in the garage. […]
We decided it was time to get out of the house and see what others have done with their Nissan Hardbody trucks by visiting the 2022 Arizona Supershow. Links to videos showcasing the show: