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Below are the parts we have procured up to this point: Battery Spark Plugs Spark Plug Wires Fuel Filter Oil Filter Two Used Tires ($90 + $15 tip) Oil Pan Gasket
At this point I am feeling confident and intimidated. For one, I have never performed a compression test nor do I have the equipment or slightest idea on where to start. Next is thinking about the timing issue and feeling the frustration once again building up deep inside. At what point do I throw in […]
This was one of the most soothing troubleshooting steps of all, since all it required was some tape and a couple paper towels. I even captured a video that will be posted soon.
This has to be a fun one for the books because in testing for spark by employing at least three methods, I was able to demonstrate to my 15 year old what NOT to do in troubleshooting. Let’s hope he remembers this and will share with his children one day. I have to admit my […]
I must admit this was a scary topic since I know how much a new fuel pump may run and my mind was running wild thinking about the labor. The best part of this troubleshooting step was hearing the wonderful sound of a running fuel pump as the ignition as turned. We did initially start […]
Fuel Air Spark Timing Exhaust Compression
Thank you viewers and subscribers. Upon posting a video showing where we were stuck and asking any viewers for recommendations, we received some excellent information to give us a game plan. These are the videos posted:
Having been working on the truck somewhat tirelessly and with some building frustration, I must take some time to try and piece everything together into a timeline. So this blog will be me trying to gather dates and little milestones. Which is frustrating since we have been the only owners of this truck and now […]
Having owned the truck since it was brand new, some of go to replacement parts were the spark plugs and wires.