Good morning everyone and happy Saturday. Today should be productive for some and for others a day to relax.

Yesterday I was anxious to get up and start working on the D 21. I removed the catalytic converter with hopes that it would fix the loss of power only to find that the catalytic converter was in good condition. So I decided to wait for Joel to get home from school.

Here is a short video of the truck without a catalytic converter:

After school, Joel and I attempted to drive around the neighborhood with what sounded like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Again, there was very little power and barely enough to get us moving on flat ground. Joel ended up pushing us uphill to get the truck back into the garage. One positive thing is he really enjoyed the sound and eventually wants to modify his exhaust system.

So today I am going to review the repair manual along side the notes I took along the way. Since every time I start the vehicle it will not get over 2500 RPMs and lacks power, most recommendations at this point are an exhaust plug or vacuum leak.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday and are enjoying the beautiful mornings. Wish me luck and also please take a look at the parts and supply list to stock up for your next project.

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