March 14, 2023 Today I will be replacing the brake load sensing valve on the 1995 […]
September 29, 2022 Today was a good day to get the muffler situation taken care of. […]
1995 D21 Belt Diagram
September 25, 2022 This morning, we heard a loud squeal as we prepared to run errands […]
1995 D21 Door Lock
September 14, 2022 Today was another fun and productive day. Not only was the 9 to […]
1995 D21 a/c switch
September 13, 2022 I owe a ton of gratitude to this channel for pointing out that […]
1995 D21 a/c switch
September 11, 2022 Today was spent at the local salvage yard sorting through vehicles for an […]
Now that the battery cable is fixed and we are back on the road, it is […]
After years of driving around without a proper battery holder, the original negative cable finally gave […]