BLASTP – Useful when you have a protein sequence or you just want to explore.

BLASTX – Useful when searching using nucleotide sequences. Perhaps you just received your personal whole genome sequence (WGS) and want to see what your sequence entails. Or maybe you have a newly sequenced organism and you want to see if anyone else has uploaded the sequence.

CATH – 151 million protein domains classified into 5,481 superfamilies

Dali Domain Dictionary – A fully automatic evolutionary classification of protein folds

Medical AI Evaluation

PDB – The Protein Data Bank

SCOP – The Structural Classification of Proteins database aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive description of the structural and evolutionary relationships between proteins whose three-dimensional structure is known and deposited in the Protein Data Bank.

The Gene Curation Coalition – Genes with classifications based on your filters

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LaMon Begay
LaMon Begay