Hello and thank you for dropping by the blog. It has been a busy weekend with the rear 4″ drop using the BelTech kits ordered from Amazon. While it seems like a straight forward task, I made a serious mistake by not easing the tension on the leaf springs when removing the OEM u-bolts. Even though I had the truck supported on several points, I jumped when the bolts finally came loose. Below is a great video which shows a lot of useful information for this task. Please use caution when performing this task.

As always, my approach is not to rush anything and think twice before doing something you are not 100% confident about. For instance, at one point, we were installing the passenger block and u-bolts when we tugged on the axle too hard. Not being aware of the strength we had together, we almost knocked the truck off the stands. So, in a nutshell, be safe and always have someone to check on you if you are alone.

We will add the BelTech kit below and on the parts page. The kit is really easy to use and installs without problem.

Belltech Lowering Kit

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