I must admit this was a scary topic since I know how much a new fuel pump may run and my mind was running wild thinking about the labor. The best part of this troubleshooting step was hearing the wonderful sound of a running fuel pump as the ignition as turned.

We did initially start with pulling the hose leaving the fuel filter even though it was frightening working right next to the gas water heater.

One the following day and with a couple fans pushing hard to expel any fumes, we disconnected the fuel filter and turned the ignition as a second way to check for fuel. We were delighted as fuel ran into the rags as we quickly turned off the switch.

We then proceeded to install a brand new fuel filter. A new can of fuel treatment was added to the half full tank of old gasoline. With the fuel prices skyrocketing and us living in a new neighborhood, the last thing we wanted to do was drain the tank.

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