1995 D21 Belt Diagram

September 25, 2022

This morning, we heard a loud squeal as we prepared to run errands and wash the truck. So before anything else we played a little merry go car ’round and pulled into the garage. Adjusting the a/c belt is relatively quick an simple, taking only two sockets but not excluding a little patience.

Tools needed:

  • 12 mm socket
  • 17 mm socket
  • Socket wrench

Below is a diagram showing all three belts for the 1995 D21 0 KA24E engine.

Figure 1: Drive belt outline.

In order to make an adjustment to the belt tension, you will need to do the following:

  • Turn off engine.
  • Apply emergency brakes.
  • Pop hood and notate position of the a/c belt.
  • Loosen idler wheel tensioner enough to loosen by hand with a 17 mm socket.
  • Check tension on belt.
  • Using a 12 mm socket, turn the adjuster bolt until belt tension is acceptable.
  • Tighten not on idler wheel tensioner and snug it enough so it will not come loose when driving. Yet, do not over tighten.
  • Remove tools and test your air conditioner. Repeat steps if necessary.
Figure 2: Location of adjustment points.

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