We decided it was high time for the front end to receive some much needed attention. Little did we know there was going to be a need for some extra deep sockets, a 15 mm, in particular as the torsion bar nuts are quite a ways up. So after spraying some penetrating oil, letting it sit for an hour, it was time to get back to the task.

So, there went the evening as I was starting to feel a bit more confident that the truck would be ready for the morning cruise. Nonetheless, there’s the important task of torquing the rear components before I forget.

To begin, the rear wheels were chocked, 3-ton jack stands set under the frame (about under the rear-view mirrors) and the floor jack under the front end. Next, a breaker bar, 15 mm deep socket, safety glasses, impact wrench, and a creeper were gathered for the fun. It took quite a bit back and forth on the driver side to get the bottom most nut loose. When I tried to loosen the top most nut, I found there was such a things as an extra deep socket, which is not in the tool set.

Here are a couple exteremly useful videos which help memtally prepare for lowering the 1995 D21’s front end via the torsion bars. I was not in any mood to entertain a drop spindle kit as it entails a bit more work. Something I will pass on since I barely finished the 2016 Ford Escape’s front strut replacement last week.

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