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After removing the oil pan, we drained the oil and found pieces of the old timing chain guide. We also found fresh razor blades to be useful for removing the old gasket. Further, there was the old RTV in pan grooves which was time consuming to remove. A little brake cleaner and fresh blue shop […]
We had to remove the support bar before we had full access to the oil pan. Keep in mind that plenty of towels and shop rags will make life easier. Oil pan gaskets:
Here is the timing video:
I have to admit the thought of performing a compression test was akin to thinking about writing code or rebuilding a laboratory instrument. Neither of which is something taken lightly; however, thanks to the wonderful people on YouTube I was able to purchase a kit for under $50 and get this task accomplished. My son […]
List of supplies we have procured to date: Eye Wear (x2) Socket Set Impact Sockets Creeper Fuel Treatment Battery Post Paste Spark Plug Paste Battery Post Pads Air Freshener Gasoline Flatbed Rental Compression Tester Spark Plug Tester Stethoscope for Fuel Injectors RTV