After removing the oil pan, we drained the oil and found pieces of the old timing chain guide. We also found fresh razor blades to be useful for removing the old gasket. Further, there was the old RTV in pan grooves which was time consuming to remove. A little brake cleaner and fresh blue shop towels go a long way in this routine.

Once everything was dry, we put a significant bead of RTV on the pan with careful attention made to covering the screw holes. Almost immediately following the bead application we gently placed the gasket onto the pan and then gently attached the pan. After which we let the pan sit for a couple days, adhering to the minimum 24 hour waiting period to let the RTV cure.

After a few days, it was time to start the final tightening sequence and to make life easier, we went to pick up additional goggles and socket extenders. Below is the order of tightening the pan bolts.

Below are the torque specifications for the oil pan.

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