Hello and welcome back. It is Saturday, May 14, 2022 and we have found the source of the most recent coolant leak on the 1995D 21. After some thinking and much consideration on how easy it would be to just take this to a mechanic, we decided to persevere and do the repair ourselves.

In order to determine the source of the leak we started by loosening the alternator tensioner and removing the fan belt connected to the alternator. (Note: this required a 12 mm socket). next thing was to remove the power steering pump without disconnecting any hoses. (Note: This required a 14 mm socket)

Once the power steering pump was removed we were able to see the hose behind the thermostat housing was frail and had a small tear behind the clamp. The clamp furthest back had a very old, original clamp from Nissan which was removed with a 8 mm open and wrench. This was a fun task and Joel enjoyed the challenge.

1995 Nissan D21 Thermostat Housing

Once the old hose was removed we went to Napa auto parts and got a replacement hose with part number 11607. This will be linked below if you should require the part yourself. So the holes in question is part of the assembly that holds the thermostat and this assembly is attached it seems directly to the engine block and from this part there are three hoses which eventually come off. On the front of this assembly is the thermostat and thermostat housing which has a general radiator hose going to the bottom of the radiator.

Opposite of the thermostat is another small hose it looks like probably the same part number and general design as the part we just got from Napa and after touching it it seems like it’s pretty firm and it’s in a U-shaped so this hose will be left alone for now. Let’s hope that it does not fail us in the future.

Joel sanded the connectors and cut the hose down to length and so what is left at this point is to tighten the clamps and fill the radiator. Joel used the 3M sandpaper with the P 400 grit to clean up the metal connectors in order to ensure a good connection and no future leakage. The part number for the sandpaper will be linked belowshould you need to order some for your project.

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