After removing the old alarm, firing up the truck and adjusting the timing it was time to replace the starter. Although optimism worked up to this point, with some tapping on the starter, I feel it would be in our best interest to remove the old starter.

Not only will this give us a reference point on reliability and replacement, but it will also ease our minds for the days Joel drives to school. The last thing we all want is the starter to fail at school and for Joel to be pulling out tools in the school parking lot.

To begin, let generate a supply, tool, and parts list in order to prepare mentally for the task.

Supplies to remove the wheel and prep the workspace:

  • Floor jack
  • Impact wrench
  • 21 mm impact socket
  • OEM tire wrench to loosen lug nuts
  • Wheel stops
  • Jack stands

Tools for the starter removal:

  • 14 mm socket
  • 3” extender
  • 6” extender
  • Socket wrench
  • Goggles
  • Gloves

Parts list:

  • O’Reilly starter p/n R612444A

First things first, and that is to remove the negative battery cable. Then the rest is pretty self explanatory, up until you’re sitting there with a face full of sweat and wondering why you didn’t contract this work out to a professional.

1995 Nissan Pickup – Hardbody – D21 – 1995 Hardbody – DIY – Starter replacement

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