A/C compressor swap.

The compressor was in bad shape according to the expert on Grenada. He quoted us $290 for the install once we purchased a replacement, which on the lowest end was around $360.

After much thought, we headed to the local junk yard and picked up a replacement for $100, with a one month warranty.

Then around 11’ish on Saturday morning we started with intentions of only replacing the front components of the compressor, meaning the clutch, bearings, and coil. Needless to say the replacement clutch would not come off so we opted for replacing the entire compressor.

Quick steps to start the removal:

  • Chock rear wheel(s).
  • Disconnect negative battery terminal.
  • Loosen driver lug nuts.
  • Jack up driver side and put on jack stand. Leave jack in place as a secondary safety measure.
  • Remove driver side tire.
  • Remove splash guard.
  • Loosen tensioner.
  • Loosen bolt on tensioner.
  • Remove fan belt.
  • Remove electrical connector to compressor.
  • Loosen and remove high and low pressure lines. Be sure to cover openings to prevent contamination.
  • Have someone assist with holding compressor while removing four 15 mm bolts holding the compressor in place.
  • Wiggle old compressor out of engine bay.
  • Great job! You have completed the removal process. Take a break and rest up for the installation.

All in all, there were eight bolts needing to come out:

  • Two bolts (10 mm) for the high pressure line.
  • Two bolts (10 mm) for the low pressure line.
  • Four bolts (15 mm) holding the compressor to the engine.

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