Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful Mother’s Day here in Arizona and also time to finalize the water pump installation. While it was cooler and the sun was peeking over the distant houses, we applied the silicone paste to the water pump and gasket. This was the fast and simple as we ensured there was a thin coat around the bolt holes, on both sides of the paper gasket.

Then we mounted the water pump to the timing cover and gently tightened the bolts in a even manner. Then according to instructions we left the part to sit for a couple hours before tightening the bolts to the proper specifications. The repair manual recommended that the bolts be torqued to 12-15 ft. lbs. for the KA24E engine.


We are going to add the links to purchase the required parts and tools for this water pump replacement project below. They will also be added to the parts and tools pages, respectively for quick access.

Below is a document that came with the new water pump it is a scan of the front and back just to serve as a reference. In addition there are links to purchase the water pump, the silicone water pump and thermostat housing gasket maker, The water pump gasket itself, the repair manual, and finally a torque wrench.

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