Hello and thank you for returning to the 1995 D21 blog. A lot has happened since the last post, including a resolution to the idle problem and putting the truck back into its daily routine.

Just as a reminder, the wonderful folks at the mechanic shop on 35th Ave. just north of McDowell and Central Phoenix, were able to adjust the timing via the oil pump. Unfortunately I did not get a lot of details on the process they utilized to resolve the timing issue.Although I have not exhausted all the resources available, I have yet to find specific information on how to adjust timing on a 1995 D21 via the oil pump connection. If anyone knows how this is done please share.

Since we got the truck up and running it has been used to attend summer school and at least one car show. The future plans include a visit to the tint shop to resolve a minor issue on the driver door tint, which may need to be replaced as the tent is peeling on the lower rear end of the window.

Another task on our plate is research on new tires with white walls in mind. We also want to ensure etiquette performance, durability, safety, and longevity. If you have any recommendations on tires, please share.

Until next time, keep working hard and keep the D21 community up to date.

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