Welcome back and thank you for returning to the weekly blog. It’s hard to believe that it’s only Tuesday and yet it seems like it’s been a long week already. After replacing the TPS over the weekend and driving the truck, which had very little power, we noticed that the temperature was unusually high for not a lot of work.

After some research and reading more into the owners repair manual we decided it was time to remove and inspect the EGR valve. Luckily this is not a huge task, or at least it doesn’t seem to be at this point. It looks like we will have to remove a couple bolts and a few other connections on the EGR valve.

But first we had to disconnect the negative battery cable, remove the air filter assembly, and hit the EGR valve bolts with some PB blaster. Please see the link below to order some of this valuable solution, something you do not want to go without when working on a 20+ year old vehicle. The PB blaster definitely helped when we removed and inspected the catalytic converter over the weekend.

So today is day two of soaking the bolts on the EGR valve. I still have to pick up two bolts for the catalytic converter that I ordered late last week after having busted one of the bolts in the catalytic converter. Luckily Jay was able to remove the broken bolt and the thread was not damaged.

Tools needed for removing the EGR valve:

  • Open end wrench – size
  • Sockets – sizes
  • PB blaster
  • Safety goggles

Don’t forget to check out the tools page on this website to pick up any of the parts needed for your 1995 Nissan pickup.

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