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Dobra jutra. Today is tint day for 1995 D21 and we didn’t make an appointment earlier in the week so the plan is to hit up the usual tint shops in south Phoenix.
Please remember to visit these two pages for parts and tools used for this project: Parts Tools More Parts from Parts Geek Washer Pump
Good afternoon everyone. It is Saturday, May 14th and I am happy to report that the leak has been fixed. Earlier this morning we went to NAPA auto parts on Elliot and Kyrene for a replacement hose. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with the part and we ended up having to remove the hose and […]
Hello and welcome back. It is Saturday, May 14, 2022 and we have found the source of the most recent coolant leak on the 1995D 21. After some thinking and much consideration on how easy it would be to just take this to a mechanic, we decided to persevere and do the repair ourselves. In […]
Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful Mother’s Day here in Arizona and also time to finalize the water pump installation. While it was cooler and the sun was peeking over the distant houses, we applied the silicone paste to the water pump and gasket. This was the fast and simple as we ensured there […]
Fan comes off with 10 mm open end wrench. The alternator bolts come off with a 12 mm socket.
Hello and welcome back. Today we are going to prep the truck for a water pump replacement. How do we know this is needed? Well, there were a couple textbook signs that we simply could not ignore: 1. squealing, and 2. major leakage in the parking lot.
Here is the part we installed. It may be that the old part is still good since the performance remains the same. Throttle Position Sensor