We surely didn’t think the a/c would let us down after all the time and effort […]
Who misses going to concerts? I certainly do and wish I could check out Third Eye […]
Hopi D21
Our current project is three-fold: Replace power steering gear box Install new shocks on the front […]
A/C compressor swap. The compressor was in bad shape according to the expert on Grenada. He […]
It started last night when I went to move the truck for my son. If I […]
The suspension project is complete and ready for the next step. With a four inch drop […]
We decided it was high time for the front end to receive some much needed attention. […]
Hello and thank you for dropping by the blog. It has been a busy weekend with […]
Join us as we prepare to drop the rear 4 inches. Lowering Blocks Belltech 8007 Nitro […]