Carrier Bearing Swap

April 12, 2024

Today I will be working on replacing the center bearing on the 1995 D21. My nephew will drop off the replacement part on Friday night and today I need to get the disassembling completed so I am ready to replace the part on Saturday morning.

The project needs to be completed before Monday morning so I can drive into the office. We will be having a ton of fun in the lab this week in celebration of Clinical Laboratory Professionals.

In case you you didn’t know, we celebrate our clinical laboratory professionals for an entire week every year in April. I’m including some links for more information:

So I will provide a list of tools, equipment parts, etc. need it for this project so that you have a one stop shop to make sure you have everything in order before you begin. Unlike me on Saturday morning I am digging around in the toolbox and doing some research online to try to find out the right socket size for removing the U joint. It is actually a 24 mm socket.

I have to admit it’s a little frustrating and I don’t have a great set up for removing the U joint because my vice is not secured or mounted to any kind of table. I don’t have a nice solid work table in the garage so I’m using the modified contraption to hold the driveline while I try to bust the U joint free.

Now that I am done with the project, I am going to torque to rear lug nuts down to spec. Even though I can’t find our repair manual, I was able to find specs on the Discount Tire website. So let’s get busy with daily driving this bad boy. I used a 21 mm socket and torqued rear lug nuts to 105 ft-lbs.

1995 Nissan D21 Wheel Torque Specs
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